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Perception Of Love by Royla Asghar


Perception Of Love by Royla Asghar


i’ve been trying to write something meaningful
but all i can think about is that tuesday in march when
we were high and hungover, so close to falling asleep.
it was cold in your room and we had stayed out all night,
which was starting to seem like a bad decision.

i remember it was raining, and you held my hands
while we pressed our legs together under the blankets.
it felt like we were the same, curving together
like bowls stacked on top of each other.
you said my name like you were testing it, trying it out
to see how it sounded when it came from your mouth.
we fell asleep with our skins against each other,
so close we could only call it touch.

when i woke up the sound of your breathing
made me feel safe, and i pretended to be sleeping
so i could feel you against me for a few more minutes.
later, you told me you were pretending too, and
it made me feel less alone that you were like me.
the next day i went home and laid on my bed in the dark
and my skin remembered your hands, your mouth
touching the back of my neck. i wanted more,
even though i didn’t know what it was that i wanted.

i’ve been trying to make it so i don’t think about you
anymore these days, but you’ve made yourself at home
between each line i write, and i don’t know if i’ll ever
again be able to start a poem which doesn’t end with you.



Waterfalls are proof that there is beauty in falling, even if you landin between the cracksand amongst the rocks.
Ming D. Liu


are proof 
that there is 
beauty in falling, 
even if you land
in between the cracks
and amongst the rocks.

Ming D. Liu

"Some relationships are like stepping on board a train you know is going to wreck. And it’s not an instinct, or a gut feeling, it’s knowing - plain and simple, because you’ve been here before and you’ve done this before, and you just know. And still, you step on. Because you’d rather spend a little while holding that person’s hand, pretending you won’t wreck, than spend a lifetime yearning; yearning for bruises on your wrists, left by someone who tried to hold on, yearning for broken bones in your spidery fingers from trying to keep them close as the world spun out of control. Sometimes, we don’t hope to leave unscathed and unscarred, we pray the pain will be worth the love."

m.v., Us, Vol.4.0 (via findingwordsforthoughts)


I’ve heard that the first
time you fall in love,
you stop growing as
a singular person and
instead learn how to
evolve with what is
in front of you,
like the trees that grow
in loopedy-loops through
corporate windows and
flowers desperately sprouting
through the cracks of the sidewalk.

I’ve heard that the first
time you fall in love,
you revert to a childlike
state of dependency,
where Freud believes the
first stage of the personality
develops through the
ever-hungry need for oral
satisfaction. When you were
a baby, you had your thumb
in your mouth but now you’ve
got a tongue down your throat
and you don’t tell them that
you’re a big girl and you’ve
moved past that.

I’ve heard that the first
time you fall in love,
you ignore that enough is
enough. Your hands are
sweating and clammy but you
won’t let theirs go. Every touch
is a thunderstorm in itself and
you understand why people stick
knives in power outlets
because if liking electricity
makes you sick you feel as if
you never want to get better.

People spend their whole
lives searching for the person
that will fold their laundry
the way they like it but
the point is I forgot
a part of myself on your
bedroom floor and I can’t
find the courage to ring
your doorbell so you can
let me in to get it.


k.p.k, Done (via towritepoems)

"I keep trying to
bury you and
yet here you are-
mouth like a graveyard,
hands filled with dirt,
heart as empty as the casket
I shoved you in."

You Are My Holy Ghost | Lora Mathis


Still one of my favorite runway shows.
Alexander McQueen Spring/ Summer 2005 

(Source: cruaute)

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If I’m able to, then perhaps I’ll be closer to portraying a true expression of love.

          -Hayao Miyazaki (x)


How do you spell the word “queen” ? L.A.D.Y G.A.G.A

10 Ways to Kick-Start a Stalled Story


  1. Introduce a new character
  2. Kill off an existing character
  3. Throw an unexpected obstacle in the path of your character
  4. Edit your opening
  5. Let your character go somewhere they’ve never been before
  6. Write from another character’s point of view
  7. Let your character discover a secret
  8. Let your character share a secret with someone else
  9. Let your character fall in love
  10. Start an argument between two characters

but i posted this 30 minutes ago wHAT


but i posted this 30 minutes ago wHAT